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Related article: Date: Sun, 31 May 2009 23:27:16 -0400 From: Subject: Adventures with Creative Endeavors 2Adventures with Creative Endeavors By Stephanie ( 2: "Stephanie''s First Date" It took only about half a week for Susan to line up Stephanie's first date as a full member of Creative Endeavors, Inc. It was to be on the upcoming Friday evening after work. She was told to report to Creative Endeavors, Inc. about an hour before the date to prepare for the date and to be "briefed" on the arrangements. Stephanie could hardly wait for Friday. She picked out one of her most dazzling outfits she could find as soon as she heard about her date on Friday so that she could make sure it was all nice and clean and ready to go for her first "date". Friday at work seemed to drag on forever for Stephanie and she found it hard to concentrate on much of anything else other than her upcoming date that evening. Stephanie was definitely excited about her date but also a bit anxious as well. She thought that she'd probably be o.k. but still wasn't''t sure about what kind of people she would be spending time with and how safe they would be. Susan seemed like she wouldn't''t knowingly hook her up with somebody who she thought might harm her but, as Stephanie knew from experience, it can still be difficult to know who to trust. Caution in their business was even more important since it needed to be kept discreet because none of them wanted to have to get the cops involved and poking around the business. Still, her curiosity was getting the best of her and she figured to himself that she'd be willing to at least try this out. She knew she certainly didn't''t have to keep doing it if she didn't''t like it. After what seemed like an eternity, her workday finally drew to a close and she dashed out the door to her car and to her fateful rendezvous with "destiny" at Creative Endeavors, Inc. When she arrived back at the office of Creative Endeavor, Inc. and walked through the front door, she saw Susan, Lolita Xxx again manning the phones and could
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